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MOVED! [Wednesday/09.08.04/15:38]

</a></b></a>palliate </a></b></a>palliate </a></b></a>palliate

MOVED! Please go there and friend that journal. Also affiliates--update your links! Thanks in advance.
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Moved! [Sunday/09.05.04/23:49]

palliate palliate palliate
palliate palliate palliate
palliate palliate palliate

That's right, folks! I've moved! Please go friend palliate and remove icongrab from your lists. Thanks!
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018; Contest icons [Tuesday/08.24.04/14:05]

Loads of contest icons. There are some icons you've seen in the past. But I just decided to put them all under here. :)

They consist of many fandoms. So make sure you look through them carefully!

[57] Contest icons

02. 14.

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Total: 57
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Announcement! [Wednesday/08.18.04/15:32]


icongrab will be on a hiatus.

I started school on the 17th and my schedule is pretty hectic. I won't be around making icons. I will only post icons I've entered as challenges when votes are in. Other than that, I won't be doing any other icons once I've settled down.

Sorry. And please do not remove me from your list.

Thanks for reading.
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017; Jude Law, Kate Moss [Sunday/08.15.04/17:27]

Some requests. Comment, credit, the usual.

[05] Jude Law
[07] Kate Moss

05. 09.

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Icon-related. [Wednesday/08.11.04/14:13]

[ mood | curious ]

So I'm guessing that most of you members just want to see Harry Potter icons, eh?

Go figure. Who else likes other fandoms except for Harry Potter? Like Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, etc.? Or about actors? Like Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp. Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, etc.?

Please tell me, so I know what to make. Because most of you members are just here for HP icons. I can't make HP icons everytime. I get tired of making them, but I will make them every once in awhile.

I never seem to satisfy you members.
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016; Elijah Wood, Joaquin Phoenix [Wednesday/08.11.04/02:12]

Finally got around and made some Lij icons, due to the request of litesprite! Lol, enjoy! Comment, credit, the usual.

[08] Elijah Wood
[08] Joaquin Phoenix
[01] Cate Blanchett
[01] A Series of Unfortunate Events
[01] LotR (Smeagol/Gollum)
[01] Kill Bill Vol. 1

06. 09.

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Total: 16
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